Thanks to the many achievements of the SC del Sol teams and our successes at placing talented players into quality colleges, SC del Sol has proudly earned the exclusive status of Nike Premier Club. Our competitive program is widely regarded as being one of the best run and most successful in the region. Our emphasis is on the total development of every player within SC del Sol with the understanding that this focus will result in successful teams.

Every team within the Club is trained and coached by two members of the professional coaching staff who conduct all training sessions and are at all games. All of the coaching staff implement a player – centered curriculum that is designed to create the complete player – physically, technically, tactically and psychologically. Additionally we are trying to promote a love of the game that will stay with all of our players forever!

We are also one of the few Clubs to offer specialized goalkeeper training with our full-time GK trainer, Ally Maxwell. The GKs follow their own separate curriculum that identifies and recreates every possible technical, tactical and psychological moments that occur in real games.

SC del Sol teams participate in a challenging schedule of training, league games and tournament play. The training curriculum that our players follow connects all of the coaches and players in the Club irrespective of age and ability. The curriculum focuses upon the five components of soccer: techniques, tactics, physical preparation, mental preparation and nutrition. SC del Sol is proud of the fact that our competitive players are superbly prepared.

The majority of our teams practice three times a week in the north Phoenix area and participate in top-level tournaments both in and out of state in addition to league play. Throughout the years our teams have participated in prestigious tournaments such as Dallas Cup (TX), Surf Cup (CA), Blues Cup (CA), North Huntington Beach (CA), Celtic Cup (CA), Colorado College Showcase (CO), Presidents Day (AZ), Nomads (CA), Score at the Shore (NC), PDA (New Jersey), Disney Soccer Showcase (FL).

For the 2012-13 season we will field 46 competitive teams from U7 through to U19. All of our teams participate in AYSA’s State League and AYSA’s Maricopa League. Our girls program has the additional honor of participating in the Elite Clubs National League (ECNL). The ECNL is by invitation only and features the top 66 youth girls clubs in the United States in the U14-18 age group. Our oldest boys’ teams participate in the equally prestigious Western College Development Academy (WCDA) and the National Premier League (NPL). These are also invitation only and include the top boys teams in the country.

Inclusion in these exclusive leagues is an exciting new development for the players at SC del Sol and it recognizes the great strides that the Club has made over the years. We are the only Club in Arizona and one of the few Clubs in the country that can offer participation in these elite programs. It provides our players with the opportunity to compete against the elite clubs in the US while showcasing their talents in front of the National staff and the top collegiate programs in the country.