95 Boys move up to #2 in the nation


The 95 Boys Armstrong put on some truly remarkable displays over the past couple of months to win FWRL. They tied with the league leaders NVSC Boca Juniors and then dismantled the number 1 team in the nation, Albion, 5-0. Winning FWRL elevates the team to the number 2 ranking in the country:


Back Row–Stephen MacDonald, Cameron McRae, Adam Olsen, Oliver Shanks, Mac Paquette, Zach Digan, Tommy Hebert, Kyle Morlack, Luke Schleier, Les Armstrong

Front Row:  Gilberto Marqez, Gabriel Gomez, Tyler Angell, Josh Greene, Ryan Koenig, Alan Rivera, Pewee Gibson, Leo Rico

Congratulations to these boys for their many successes over the years!

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