98 Girls Maxwell National Champions!

This past weekend, the 98 Girls Maxwell, won the Presidents’ Cup National Championship in Florida. The girls beat LNCS 97 from North Carolina in the final game to bring home the championship. This win represents Arizona’s first ever Presidents’ Cup National Championship. Congratulations to all of the girls, their parents and the coaches!

To view all of the games and the scores click here:


Back row: Leslie Esparza, Alexis Allard, Kalee Harsch, Hannah Paynter, Ashley Tincker, Haley George, Shelbie O’Connor, Daisy Ervin, Kristen Davison, Faith Stoddard

Middle row: Stephanie Sammon, Maya Mazier, Jackie Tait, Andie Dean, Dana Gordon, Amanda Douglas, Morgan Bates

Front row: Alex Dumas, Dominique Lombard

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