Desert Classic

Desert Classic was a huge success for SC del Sol. 299 teams from all over the country entertained the crowds with a lot of exciting soccer. The SC del Sol teams performed well in all age groups. Winners and runners-up as follows:


Boys – 05 Boys Diana, 03 Boys Ward, 01 Boys Diana

Girls – 03 Girls Lester White, 02 Girls Byrnes, 98 Girls Maxwell

Runners Up:

Boys – 04 Boys Jones, 02 Boys Van Patten, 02 Boys Anderson, 00 Boys Leebrook Blue

Girls – 06 Girls Zaccagnio, 04 Girls Zaccagnio, 00 Girls Lester

Pictured are the 03 Girls Lester who have now won an incredible 5 tournaments in a row!

Back row left to right:

Sophia Fisher, Issabella De Avila, Macey Formanek, Jayla Patrick, Brynn Lebel

Front row left to right:

Mia Alejos, Jenny Partin, Magan McGinty, Yaelyn Chavez

GK Katie Harris

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